Bigfoot - Happy Birthday Mixtape

Bigfoot is an hip-hop artist from Manchester, UK closely affiliated with Sway's Dcypha Productions team.
He has just released his debut mixtape 'Happy Birthday' for free online as a present to his fans on his 18th birthday.
The mixtape features fifteen brand new tracks from Bigfoot, including features from Sway, Dot Rotten, Klayz and more.
The mixtape contains remixes and freestyles, as well as snippets of material from Bigfoot's debut album 'One Dream At A Time' which is set for release late 2010.

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE: http://www.filefront.com/16145059/Bigfoot---Happy-Birthday-Mixtape.zip/

Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bigfoot/244280579129?ref=ts

Twitter: www.twitter.com/bigfootukrap

1. Eighteen
2. Shut The Venue Down (Feat. Klayz)
3. Find Someone Else New
4. Hard
5. P's + Q's
6. Through The Window
7. Through The Window Remix (Snippet) (Feat. Dot Rotten)
8. I Can't Win (Feat. Mister)
9. You Can't Flow Like Me
10. Payback (Snippet) (Feat. Sway)
11. Paparazzi Remix (Feat. Y.F.R. & Twitch)
12. I've Seen So Much
13. Drop The World
14. Feel Like A King (Snippet) (Feat. Sway)
15. Before The World Dies

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