Wiley - She’s Glowin’: Behind The Scenes

Filmed at exclusive West End members club Crystal, the vid consisted of a whole fleet of lovely ladies basically just skanking, posing and flirting whilst Wiley, Kano and Ghetts did their thing. But whilst video director Ben Peters called the shots with the women, we got the gathered grime talent of Will, Kane, Ghetto, Scorcher, Wretch 32, Bless Beats, Danny Weed and Target to interview each other on their upcoming projects. Grime gathering witnessed by Rajveer Kathwadia

First up we got Wretch 32 who released his album Wretchrospective last week to grill Wiley on the vid, the scene and both of his forthcoming albums…

Wretch 32: So what can you tell us about the She’s Glowin’ video?
Wiley: The visual today is the one-away club scene with the gyal dem ting and obviously the man dem in the place. We’re just trying to capture the club element of the tune and get a good performance from me, Kano and Ghetto. It’s all panning out nicely still.
32: How did the track come about?
W: I was up in Manchester and I got Kano and Ghetto on it and it just came together neatly. It’s a massive look for the scene and we’re doing some other grime ones as well. Right now everyone understands that you can be powerful on your own but when you come together you are more powerful. All the MCs at the top need to work together. What we need to do now is what me and Ghetto was talking about which was The Movement and Boy Better Know tour. That’s where we’re gonna get rich, not from borrowing money off of record labels.
32: What inspired you to go for the autotune?
W: I tried to put a slight bit on and then I took the bass out of my voice to get the effect and some people don’t like it, some people do. Some people are even like ‘Wiley stop using autotune’ but it’s the only one I’ve done! It’s only one, I was just having a try (laughs).
32: So when’s the album coming out?
W: They’re both out next year. I’ve done See Clear Now with the label and I’ve nearly finished Race Against Time which will come out independently on Eskibeat so I’m trying to make the independent release as big and prominent as the label release. I’ve got the Roll Deep album out there as well, so there’s loads of reasons why people won’t be able to deny me for the next few years.
32: What did Wearing my Rolex do for you?
W: Wearing My Rolex changed mans whole life. If it weren’t for that I would have just been making grime tunes. They would have hit, but not as hard, Wearing My Rolex changed my whole skin. I can do a PA for three grand. I’ve never been here before. Kano, Dizzee and Lethal have been here for years. I’ve got kids innit. I do stuff for them innit, but I bought some cars though (laughs) for my own self. And I had to buy the Bentley innit.
32: How did this two album thing come about?
W: Race Against Time was what I was doing already, then Wearing My Rolex got signed and that turned into an album deal, so once I finished See Clear Now I just went back to Race Against Time and She’s Glowin’ is the first single from that.
32: What features can we expect to hear?
W: On See Clear Now you can hear Scorcher, Kano, a guy called Jake Gosling, loads of different producers – not any from our scene but it was already done init, so I just pressed done. But Race Against Time is the one I care about. Where’s My Brother? is the next single from Race Against Time and I’ve got a remix of that with Chipmunk, so I am trying to do this thing, but it needs to work out financially cos anything I make I can put back into it and make more music and videos and all of that. This is the first video I’ve financed myself so hopefully there’ll be more. This is where my heart is. It’s in She’s Glowin’, it’s in Where’s My Brother, it’s in Race Against Time.
32: Do you think you’re at your peak now?
W: I’m getting there cos I’m 29 and I’m only now finally understanding myself and I’m trying to make sure that every track I make is the best it can be. What about you though cos your thing came out last week innit?
32: Wretchrospective is like all of the CDs in one. It’s a celebration CD – the victory lap. I was in a proper zone, I had the whole Wretchro haircut and everything.

Once Wiley had spilt the beans on his projects we asked him to talk to Ghetts on signing his new deal for Sing For Me…

Wiley: So Ben Peters the director wanted us here for 8am this morning. What time did you get here?
Ghetto: I didn’t come here for 8am! What about you?
W: 9:20am
G: You see that’s how I knew I weren’t getting here for 8am!
W: You got the skanks ready?
G: Mans is doing the skanking ting but within reason.
Scorcher: I’m holding back.
G: Don’t hold back Scorch!
W: So what’s going on with your current situation in the industry?
G: I’m alright
W: Are you sure?
G: Yeah I’m alright (sings) I got hits but I’ll never cross overrrr – but I got one though!
W: Yeah you’ve got a deal situation occurring for Sing For Me.
G: Yeah, it was going back and forth but I signed it the other week so know we’re just trying to get the dates sorted. I’m ready to go right now so I want them to bring it out quickly cos Christmas is coming up and it’s gonna get very busy.
W: You don’t wanna swing with the Christmas people.
G: Nah you don’t.
W: Not yet.
G; So hopefully it’ll come out before that. And then also we’ve got She’s Glowin’.
W: You done your thing for the video
G: I outswaggered everyone. It’s a good look for the scene today.
W: What about an album?
G: Yeah that’s coming as well. With that I’m gonna merge the style of my first three projects together and I’m glad of the direction cos I’m trying things I never would have done before.
W: What do you think about Chipmunk winning the MOBO? Did he deserve that?
G: Of course he did bruv!
W: Of course he did!
G: Cos obviously he’s the best newcomer.
W: Whoever says he didn’t deserve it, what have they forgotten?
G: You’ve gotta realise he’s got so many mixtapes out there. It’s a kick up the backside to the other kids.
W: Have you got any other artists in the camp ready to go?
G: Devlin. I’m just trying to get in a firm position and then I’ll bring Devlin through. He’s the first artist out of my JC Enterprise label.
W: Yeah Devs is good.

It was then Ghetts turn to don the interviewer cap as he cornered Kano to discuss electro and plantain…

Ghetts: So Kane what’s next for the 140 Grime St resident?
Kano: I’m gonna bring out the next single off the album. I Like It I think. A video for that probably maybe.
G: Definitely.
K: And I’m fresh back from Lagos Charlie!
G: Charlie!
K: Charlie!
G: Charlie!
K: Charlie!
(They repeat this about 20 times!)
G: How was that trip for you then?
K: Man ate plantain every day! Three times a day. Fish and chips and plantain.
G: Fish and chips and plantain!? Are you listening to the combination? That’s like saying Soulja Boy, Jay-Z and Nas (laughs)
K: (laughs) One of them just don’t fit. But it was good though. There was one guy out there who goes ‘I know everyone of your lyrics. Start a lyric and I’ll finish it.’
G: Badman ting
K: I go ‘Some manners don’t like me…’ he goes (puts on African accent) ‘…they try and
badmind me!’ (laughs) I go ‘I’m a ghetto kid’ and he goes ‘…and I do ghetto shit.’ (laughs)
G: what do you think about the current electro situation?
K: G gave me a pass! People ask me if I’m gonna jump on it, and I want to, but the way they’re asking me is as if I’ve gotta say no, and then Ghetto made Sing For Me and then I was like ‘yeeeeeeeeeah G’. So I can do it now.
G: Who’s the top 3 in the game?
K: Kano, Ghetto and probably Ghetto again
G: Skadoosh!
K: Nah actually put Wiley in there

Kano took on the interviewer baton and caught up with Scorcher with whom he has collaborated with on Wiley’s album See Clear Now to test his memory on music and silhouettes…

Kano: So Scorcher explain a little bit about where we’re at right now.
Scorcher: Right now we’re on set on the She’s Glowin’ video and there’s a lot going on. It’s positive, days like this, fun days out, girls, clubs, drinks, stars from the scene, you know there’s a lot of money about right now it – it’s healthy.
K: And you’ve got a secret cameo on the track as well.
S: I was there when the original was made and I was doing a little singing at the end.
Wretch 32: I didn’t even know that was you!
K: Well this is a Wiley video and the first time we met was at a Wiley studio session when us three recorded together.
S: Way out of London
K: Way, way out of London. So what was your role in that process?
S: I came there to record… oh f*ck what was it called?
K: Scorcher don’t remember the song! I ain’t helping you.
S: (shouts across room at Wiley) Oi Wiley! What was that tune me, you and Kane did?
RWD: See Clear Now
S: Yeeeeah that was it! See Clear Now
K: Oh no, Raj had to tell Scorch what song it was!
S: I didn’t even go there to record that, I actually went for a track called 5AM, but then you were there and we did the ting and that was the first time man bucked up.
K: So that’s what we did, but what’s happening with you? What are you working on?
S: The album is nearly done. It’s called Concrete Jungle and we’ve just gotta sort out a few features and it’s wrapped. Just getting ready to put the singles out.
K: OK and finally I hear that you’ve got a shadow on set?
S: Oh no
K: What’s the deal with her?
S: I can’t even say anything cos that would be like suicide. All I’m saying is that this is the lightest shadow you’ve ever seen!

Getting away as fast as he could from any more intrusive questions from Kano, Scorcher took on producer Bless Beats in a fashion face off…

Scorcher: That’s a very nice jacket you’ve got there. I’ve got one exactly like that. You seem pretty up on the fashion, what are we wearing today?
Bless Beats: I’m just normal. But I’m wearing black suede Air Max 90’s with a hint of red in the mesh, Maharishi bottoms with the Eagle in both legs…
S: Snap!
B: …Ed Hardy tee, Stone Island painted ting on the jacket.
S: Got a little glimmer on that. What you think about today’s videoshoot?
B: It’s big. It’s a big tune and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a big video. This is a party anthem so there was a lot of skanking going on. I’m just here supporting the team.
S:What’s popping off musically for you now?
B: We’ve got a single called Touch My from Presidential Sounds, I’ve got Sex In The City with Janee and Tinchy which’ll be coming soon so that’s all on the dance side, and then I’ve got another one called The Rain with Wiley which is on the grime side so the work rate is high. Apart from that I’m just working on the album and trying to work on everyone else’s album.
Ghetts: Bless Beats is my darg. We got something coming on the album. Hit business!
S: What kind of direction is it going in?
B: I’m just being me. Just making music how I enjoy it cos it’s my album.
S: You remixed Ironik’s I Wanna Be Your Man with Ghetts and Stryder. What version is better – the remix or the original?
B: Well I love my work.
S: What’s your favourite piece of your work?
B: Local Lad with Wiley.

Latecomers Danny Weed and Target were left to converse with each other about new album Return Of The Big Money Sound…

Danny Weed: What’s your favourite tune on the album?
Target: I dunno. It’s out of Give Up, Nightlife, Do Me Wrong and Moving In Circles.
D: What’s the next single?
T: It’s a double A-side of Moving In Circles and Club 7. Look out for videos from both of them next week.
D: Who produced the next single?
T: Wiley produced one of them and this geezer here, I think his name is Danny Something produced the other one.
D: Why does it sound so good?
T: Probably cos loads of people was helping him do it.
D: How hard is it to get Wiley to come to studio?
Wiley: (laughs) Ahh allow me!
D: Why does it take you so long to make a beat?
T: Cos I’m sh*t, but I made seven beats last night and it took me four hours
D: Why do you and Danny Weed always get the last say on everything?
T: Cos like Ricky Ross we’re the boss!
D: Why are we so good at reinventing ourselves all the time?
T: Cos we’re round the right people, we’ve got our ear to the streets and the mainstream and we know how to stay ahead of the game.
D: Why has Danny Weed always got the newest stuff?
T: Probably cos he hangs around with me. He might have something to do with it.

All in all, as all of the above agreed, it was another monumental day for the scene and we predict massive things for She’s Glowin’ when it’s unleashed on the charts November 24. Look out for the video on your screen within the next few weeks.



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