Ken Livingstone Blames Rappers for Gun Crime

The out of touch politician speaking at the launch of a campaign to educate school children about the dangers of guns said that rappers promoted the idea that carrying weapons such as knives and guns was fashionable. “Gun crime, knife crime - they are the only crime categories that continue to rise,” Livingstone boldly stated. “With role models like rap groups there is almost an inevitability about that and people in the public eye should consider the role models they set.” That coming from the oh-so ‘popular’ man who was once expelled from the Labour Party.

RWD believe educating the UK’s youth about gun/knife crime definitely needs to happen. But maybe someone should point out to London’s Congestion Charge increasing promise braking Mayor, that Mothers Against Guns, the biggest anti-gun organisation in the country, recently released a rap record to get their message across. If direct victims of gun crime can embrace urban music, then why can’t the mayor?

Source - Rwdmag

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