Darkboi Interview

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Dark Boi (Kidz inda Hood)

Hi how's it going? And what have you been up to lately?

Yea whats going on grimemusic.com. Well iv'e been too busy working on my mixtape (out of the dark vol 1) and with the rest of the kidz mixtapes aswell. Were just in the studio putting in the hard work still. People think cause were silent were not doing anything well it's not that at all, inda hood we've got our own label, dvd's, mixtapes, video's, artist's what else could we ask for?

How old were you when you started to MC? What made you want to step up a level from just listening?

I was around 13/14 when I first started, and while I was just getting into it, I use to go around raves/clubs and watch the big boys spit and tear down the whole place, I used to see people go mad over the mc's lyrics and that made me want to be like them aswell lol, I just loved everything about it, I basically fell in love with the whole mc'ing thing so I just got into the habit of touching Mic and I started improving and moving.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up, and did they have a big effect on you?

In the whole music thing it was Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, NWA. They made me fall in love with music because I could relate to the things they were talking about.

When would you say your first big break came? And when did you really start to feel you were receiving recognition for your mc skills?

My big break all started when I joined up with Crazy Titch, when I got the news that Crazy Titch wanted me to join up with his youngers (kidz inda hood) I was proper excited lol cause I was still young at that time *I hope he doesn't hear this lol * but I use to look up to mc's like him so that really meant a lot to me still. I started making my first big moves in the scene when I was going radio with the kidz & Titch, I was going to big radio stations like, flava fm, deja vu, raw mission. These were some of the biggest underground stations in London get me and plus it wasn’t just 'anyone' that could get slots on these stations so that made me feel like I was one of the 'big boys' when i wasn’t really but still lol. But yea straight after I started getting heard on the big stations, people started listening to how hungry I was for the mic and cause I knew that i had to step up my game and I was spraying FIRE! Get me!

What would you say was your most memorable MCing experience to date?

The first time I spat with the biggest mc's in the game which was in a rave called 'young man standing' I got my first wheel up/reload when I first touched mic and I heard the crowed joining into my lyric which got me REALY! Happy boy, and plus the big boys were all giving me props so I was like 'this is a dream come true' lol. Yea that was a good feeling still.

Tell us a little bit about your crew Kidz inda Hood? How did you all meet up?

Yea the first kidz inda hood members where, (younger), (mentality), (dj zoro) they where the first three that got brought in by crazy titch. and one day I called up them three to come up on a special guest show on my first crew's set (full flex crew), and mentality told me that crazy titch was gonna be locked on to the show so I thought to myself 'yea ive got to impress this dude', I was giving it my best performance, getting a lot of reloads just giving it all my best get me. So after the show was done, mentality walked over to me and told me that crazy titch rang him up and told him to recruit me into kidz inda hood, I was proper shocked! So I told him I will get back to him. So the next day i rang him up and told him that i didnt mind joining them. After I joined i got introduced to Titch and (delusion) who joined the kidz around the same time as me, I was getting a lot of love from the man dem so it was all good. After I settled with the kidz for a good two months I introduced (VORTEX) to Titch and made him spit some bars in front of him, Titch was feeling him so I asked if he could join the kidz and he said yea. that’s how the kidz came about really.

What’s your next move? Have you any mixtapes or releases planned for the near future?

Well our next moves are on the way now as we speak, were gonna shoot our first video real soon, mixtape's are gonna hit the shops aswell, let me just give the peeps a low down about the mixtape business. It’s a cd tape pack with 3 or 4 solo kidz inda hood mixtapes inside, that is gonna be the talk when it drops i swear to you. and make sure you go and cop crazy times vol 2 if you want to catch some jokes and see how crazy titch & the kidz get down that is a must! trust me lol. and straight after the mixtapes & dvd's drop just keep your ears locked on to 1xtra, kiss, choice, radio 1 for the exclusives!, and keep watching your music channels cause the kidz are about to get childish. I say no more lol

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

On the mobo awards sitting next to mya & christina millian *cheeky laugh*. Yea i would like to see Crazy Titch & the kidz going to awards, dropping good albums and delivering good music to people's ears and taking over the whole media business.

Grime today seems miles away from the post garage sounds heard 3 years ago, are you happy with the way the scene’s progressed, and where would you like to see it going in the future? And where wouldn’t you like to see it going?

I have been waiting for someone to ask me this lol and one more thing, i am not happy with the name ''grime'' for the scene but that is a whole different thing..well boy i think that grime today has evolved (much like everything else) but it has evolved into a darker sound that represents the true harsh life that most people go through, much like hip hop or gangster rap in the American community. the sounds heard a few years back were to portray a party mood, as that’s what garage was then, that sound has now turned into 4x4. in the future i would like to see grime across clubs and in the households of the ordinary person, but that can only change if the music evolves as it goes ahead, due to the many people hating and the "no grime at this event" flyers for garage, as garage fans distance them selves from this sound. much like hip hop in the 80's it's in it's early stages and will continue to get better and sell more units and artists come and go. with flag flyers like Dizzee rascal, roll deep , kano and boyz in da hood, the cross over to the mainstream market shouldn’t be too far away

What was the last album you bought? What sort of music do you listen to in your free time?

I bought the roll deep (in at the deep end) and kano's (home sweet home) to support them and the scene. Cause I like to help aswell so don’t ever get it twisted people

Where can people catch you next?

They can catch me on tour with crazy titch & the kidz inda hood real soon, radio, raves

Any shout outs?

Yea I want to big up all the grimemusic.com team for giving me this interview, I also want to give out a shout out to my kidz inda hood family, dj ironik, dj, vader, crazy titch, mr slash, ddark, venomuz, dj scorpio, yasmin, dj dowee, and a very BIG! shout out to durrty boy. bless..everyone that i have mentioned has helped me BIG! time so yea shout's out to these peeps

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